Kim Jae Joong, An Exceptional Artist

Author: Dearna Smith

22 November 2016

Kim Jae Joong, An Exceptional Artist

Kim Jaejoong, from a very young age had the dream of becoming a singer. Learning on his own he went from being ridiculed in school for having a bad voice to the renowned artist he is today. This story is only a small fraction of the journey that Jaejoong led.

‘Idol’ is not the singular term Jaejoong should be referenced as. Instead he is a passionate man who is constantly dedicated to improving himself. He now holds the titles of singer, songwriter, actor, musician, businessman, director, designer and one must we not forget, artist. As you discover the numerous exceptional characteristics of Jaejoong you cannot help but to admire his talent. He has worked with great determination to reach a point where it is almost as if it was destined from the beginning. This article will highlight some of the profuse attributes and achievements of the star that is Jaejoong.


Jaejoong has been mesmerising onlookers for years with an exquisitely angelic voice. His tone takes on a light, illuminated colour that is in no way lacking when it comes to a lengthy range. You tend to linger on every extension of his voice, anticipating the next. Jaejoong impresses you further with his ability to flawlessly switch between the volume and intensity in his voice. Not only does it allow him to match with others, creating some smoothly blended harmonies; he also creates a dynamic piece on his own. In these moments he may be the sole singer, but it feels as if there are numerous voices singing in tranquillity. Such examples of this are evident throughout Jaejoong’s solo performances. Another thing that is prominent through such tracks is his awareness for his own voice. With a new level of musical freedom, Jaejoong was able to explore himself as a vocalist. Delving into new genres, such as rock in his first solo mini album ‘I’, it is clear he knows where his voice fits best. This refreshing experimentation and ultimately success in multiple genres is just one of the many things Jaejoong has done to emerge as a respectable artist. 


What is most inspirational and soothing about his music is not just his voice, but the songs themselves. Jaejoong has established himself as an accomplished song writer and composer since the earlier stages of his career. Arranging countless tracks for his groups’ albums, drama OSTs, solo albums and other performers, examples of his work are countless. The reason these songs continue to enchant the ears of listeners to this date is their raw substances. They may be endearing just from the sound, but as you discover the deep inspirations for the lyrical make up and compositions you start to grow a deep admiration for his talent. The song ‘In Heaven’ is one that continues to stand out. Written for his late friend, Park Yong Ha, words cannot describe the significance this track holds. Listening to this song alone you will be able to recognise the influence Jaejoong’s music has.


After learning about his competence as an independent artist it will come as no surprise that Jaejoong has found great success as a soloist. Releasing solo debut mini album ‘I’ in 2013, this began his flourishing solo career. During the following months ‘WWW’, a full length studio album was released. Jaejoong’s role in composing ultimately made it an unforgettable album that achieved a great number of accomplishments and sales. From this moment Jaejoong had an increasing reputation in the entertainment industry, not to be brought down by any factors. Jaejoong returned once more in 2016 with studio album ‘NO.X’. This 12-track album topped global charts, holding the number 1 spot on iTunes in 18 countries. Selling out numerous international stages and over 550,000 albums, Jaejoong is an undeniable international artist that cannot be ignored.


Jaejoong’s acting career has also not gone unnoticed. Featuring as the singer of many drama soundtracks and winning multiple awards for his appearances, Jaejoong leaves quite the impression. Starring alongside ‘W’ actress Han Hyo Joo, ‘Postman To Heaven’ is a 2009 fantasy romance that thrived in popularity. This movie is just one of the many main roles he has taken on since his acting debut. Others include comedy romance ‘Protect the Boss’, the 2014 action melodrama ‘Triangle’ and most recently the political thriller ‘SPY’.

As mentioned earlier, while working as an actor Jaejoong sung a number of original sound tracks (OST). As a composer and the holder of a sentimental voice there was no doubt he suited the role. And although he may have been busy with acting commitments and schedules, this diligent artist always accepted the task. Winning 2013’s Best Hallyu Drama OST Award for ‘Living Like a Dream’ his hard work was clearly recognised by more than just casual viewers. Jaejoong has continued to prove himself as a polished soundtrack singer with contributions such as ‘But I’ from drama ‘Triangle’, ‘I’ll Protect You’ from ‘Protect The Boss’ and my personal favourite ‘It's Separation to You, It's Waiting for Me’ from the award winning ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. After experiencing his voice in my own drama viewing history I cannot compliment him enough. He effortlessly conveys the emotions of the music to influence the ambience of the drama. This immediately makes you more engaged in the story itself and helplessly captivated by Jaejoong’s soulful voice.


With a considerable role in the entertainment industry, Jaejoong was not fearful of extending himself ever further. In many cases, he has developed himself as a business man, director and designer. Known for his unique but stylish fashion sense, in collaboration with brand MOLDIR, Jaejoong initiated a line of personally designed bags, sweatshirts and accessories. Jaejoong has also taken on the position as the designer for Coffee Cojjee’s logo. This project in designing the coffee shop’s emblem was not the first time he was involved in the food industry. Jaejoong also happens to be the co-CEO of two branches of the Korean fusion restaurant ‘Bum’s Story’ and has opened his very own café named ‘J-Holic’. His wide array of skills may seem as if there couldn’t possibly be more to add, but this is untrue. For JYJ’s 2011 worldwide tour Jaejoong was not only the lead act but the executive director. Having to perform while upholding such an important position in the operation of the tour could have not been an easy task. Seeing this level of professionalism and determination in one man makes it clear why he is a role model to many. He returned once again to the role of director in the 2011 Whisen Rhythmic All Stars.


During March of 2015, Jaejoong enlisted in the military, taking a brief break from the stage; or so we thought. Jaejoong may be preoccupied with duties but he never fails to take on the opportunity to encourage his fellow soldiers through his music. Teaming up with Tae Jin Ah for a special concert and performing a lively stage at the ROK Army Logistics Command Event, Jaejoong broadcasts his voice. While he flawlessly executes these special stages and continues to release music, Jaejoong once again reveals what his determination can achieve. Among his 244 peers, he is a top recruit, receiving the excellence award during graduation. While he currently serves under the 55th Infantry Division in Cheoin-gu, Yougin, fans can expect his discharge on the 30th of December this year. For those who love and admire this artist, what better gift could they receive this Christmas? The anticipation for new music has begun.

As his discharge from the military is swiftly approaching, I am sure many of you are excited for what is to come. As Jaejoong has proven through his years active that he can do almost anything he sets his mind to, the estimation for his future success is unimaginable. Thank you Jaejoong for bringing an immense amount of talent and passion to this world.