Author: Ben Russell

18 April 2017


Ashmute is one of our absolute favourite groups. Their most recent song, Scenery, garnered great reviews from our fans and managed to chart as high as #2 on K-Ville's Top 30 K-Pop Songs Chart. The trio have kindly allowed us to interview them. 

Could you please introduce yourselves?

Hello, we are Ashmute, who perform music in Seoul, South Korea. Ashmute is a mixed-trio group consisting of vocal, singer-songwriter Rang and two producers Dap and Oov, with the aim for an electronica based, chill-out style of music. Today we are happy to be interviewed by K-Ville Entertainment. 

Could you tell our fans what your newest song, "Scenery", is about?

We made this song with the idea that "the rest of the world is Spring, but to some it may still be Winter". The narrator of this idea has the will to pursue it, but is in a state where they cannot succeed. The object may be visible or hidden, just like a person you love. February 28th is the boundary between Winter and Spring. We expressed the feeling of this time and unrequited love through Ashmute's own emotions. I hope that people are able to feel comfort more than just sorrow and we wish that this emotion was portrayed through the music video. 

The music video you see now was created through the director Nayeon Kim's desire to use the 'super 8mm', in which she has continually used in her personal projects. Please enjoy the emotions you can only feel from the film and nostalgic home movie vibe! (The shooting was done in Tokyo, Japan). 

You can find out more about Nayeon Kim's work in the links below:

Nayeon Kim's Webpage: http://nayeon-kim.com/

Nayeon Kim's Instagram: @nayeonkxx

Do any other musicians inspire you to make music?

The inspiration didn't come from just a single musician. Instead we receive inspiration from various artists every time. And sometimes it allows us to find new artists we had never heard of. 

Out of all your songs, which is your favourite?

That would be 'Heaven'. Not only does it display Ashmute's basic identity well, it was also a tough time during the production of the song and music video. If you have not yet listened to it, please enjoy the music video on YouTube. 

What is your goal as musicians? (The biggest dream you hope to achieve)?

For Ashmute, as of substantive, to reach people's emotions. We could not be happier than if people think of Ashmute on a rainy midnight. We also hope to hold a concert just for Ashmute, so that we can meet with people who love our music. We are improving little by little to achieve this dream. We are also expecting to release Ashmute's first EP as a sequel to the 'Scenery' album. We hope everyone is excited!

Can you give us one interesting fact about yourselves?

That would be that 'Scenery', our most loved song, was going to be scrapped. Because we thought this song didn't match our team's concept, we considered creating a new track. Dap strongly objected to its release and Oov, who created the draft, didn't even look at the song until it was finished. However, Rang insisted on releasing the track. After a lot of consideration 'Scenery' was finally released. We were AMAZED by the positive reactions we received after its release. 

What is the hardest part about being in the music industry?

Of course, there are difficulties we are facing right now, but I feel we are too early into our career to discuss hardships in detail. We hope to create music with all our effort, acquiescently, trying not to focus on the hard things.

What is your favourite thing about being a musician?

Even when we push ourselves while making our creations, in the end we feel liberation and reward. We just love the feeling when the music that we worked so hard on is being enjoyed by at least one person out there. 

Which countries would you most like to hold a concert?

We will be happy to go to any place that has people that love Ashmute. 

Thanks to K-Ville Fans!

We thank you so much for loving our songs. Because of K-Ville's fans who are cheering us on we gain so much energy. We wish for everyone to be ready for our EP that we hope to release this year. 

Listen to Ashmute's song "Dive" here: