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rules forum

K-Ville Forum Rules
The K-Ville Forums are designed to be a place for K-Nation and all fans of Korean culture to come and enjoy chatting with like-minded people. We want it to be a fun place where fans can share news, discuss topics and have fun! As such, the following rules are in effect. If you break these rules, you may receive warnings from a Moderator, and may have restrictions placed on your account for a period of time depending on the severity of the offense.

1. Do not spam the forum with new posts or identical comments; these will be deleted.
2. No lewd or offensive content should be included in posts. This includes content which includes nudity, promotes alcohol / drug abuse, violence, etc.
3. There is zero tolerance for attacks on groups, idols, companies, or any other entity in Hallyu. Constructive criticism is welcome, and negative things can be said, but any blatant attack will be dealt with severely. This is a place for fun, engaging and positive discussion!
4. If you are sharing an image or gif, please make an effort to use high-quality sources. Excessively poor quality gifs and images may be removed by a Moderator.

If you have any questions or feedback, please start a new discussion in the Feedback forum!
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