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songs girls your favorite 15 top

Your Top 15 Favorite Songs! (Girls)
Since we already have a thread for our favorite groups and K-Ville released their picks for their favorite K-Pop songs by female artists a few weeks ago, I was wondering what your top 15 songs of all time would be! I kinda cheated and picked 15 songs since choosing 10 is impossible and I have no idea how the K-Ville staff did that.

My top 15:
  1. Girl's Day - Something
  2. Bestie - Love Options
  3. T-ara - Sugar Free
  4. 9muses - Sleepless Night
  5. Oh My Girl - Closer
  6. Fiestar - You're Pitiful
  7. Twice - Cheer Up
  8. Sistar19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer
  9. Laboum - What About You
  10. GFriend - Rough
  11. AOA - Heart Attack
  12. miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
  13. Baek A Yeon - So-So
  14. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
  15. Berry Good - Angel
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1. Honey - Kara (The first K-pop song I ever listened to)
2. Breathe - Miss A (The first song and group I became obsessed with)
3. Volume Up - 4Minute
4. Give it to Me - SISTAR
5. Decalcomanie - Mamamoo (Instant fave)
6. Irony- Wonder Girls
7. 2NE1 - Gotta Be You
8. Rewind - Wonder Girls 
9. STEP - Kara 
10. 10 Seconds - AOA 
11. Marionette - Stellar 
12. Mr. Mr. - SNSD
13. Hush - Miss A
14. You're Pitiful - Fiestar
15. Joker - Dal Shabet
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Ahhh, there are so many songs that will always have a special place in my heart. ♥ I will only list 5 though since there aren't that many songs that I feel this way with. These songs remind me of when I first got into K-pop and how fun it was to discover so many new great groups that didn't get as much recognition as the popular ones.

1. AlphaBAT - Tantara ♥
2. Block B Bastarz - Zero for Conduct
3.  Super Junior - Bonamana
4. N-Sonic - Run & Run
5. M.I.B - Dash
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1. Me Gustas Tu - Gfriend
​2. Aing - Orange Caramel (my first kpop song ever)
​3. Rough - Gfriend
4. Closer - Oh My Girl
5. On The Road - DIA
​6. The Light - The Ark
7. April Story - April
8. Shake That Brass - Amber ft. Taeyeon
9. Glass Bead - Gfriend
10. Magic Girl - Orange Caramel
​11. Mr. Potter - DIA
​12. Crazy - 4minute
13. Liar Liar - Oh My Girl
14. Navillera - Gfriend
15. Like Ooh-Ahh - Gfriend
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I decided to write a little about why I put these songs on the list because I love them all so much haha. Also if we were including Japanese releases SNSD- Galaxy Supernova would be number 5. This list seriously took me a lot of work to put together since I had to rank them. I'm still not even sure this is the definitive order, either way all 15 songs are beyond fantastic. And yes I am T-ara trash I know.

1: T-ara - Roly Poly/ Roly Poly in Copacabana (Threw these together to save room, but I probably put Copacabana 1st and the real one lower on the list, around 10 or so. This song just has so much positive energy and I thoroughly enjoy listening to it every time I hear it. But Copacabana improves upon the original song and makes it a perfect piece of music for me.)
2: T-ara - Sexy Love (Basically tied with first, it rocks from start to finish and for me the weird instrumental sounds they put in the song make it unforgettable and awesome.)
3: T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep (Catchy from start to finish, love the hook and the bridge is phenomenal. Has really good flow and even though it is pretty repetitive it doesn't get boring, it rather repeats itself for a perfect amount of time before allowing the rest of the song to continue. And I have to dance every time I hear this song, I can't help it.)
4: Stellar - Vibrato (A song that makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster when I'm listening to it. I don't mean it has a lot of ups and downs, but rather it is so unique and interesting from start to finish it takes you for a ride whenever you listen to it.)
5: T-ara - Don't Leave Me Alone (Soyeon vocal perfection in this song. It is a slower song but not too ballad like since it incorporates more upbeat rap parts, which work very well imo. The emotional energy that flows off of Soyeon's voice is why I cherish this song so much though.)
6: EXID - Every Night (Super unique and awesome in every way. The instrumentals in the song are so cool, the phone sound is so clever. Every member deserves all the credit for slaying their parts. Not a single part I can't say I don't love and I get super excited whenever I hear this song come on.)
7: 9Muses - Wild (Super intense and powerful from start to finish, even the lower intensity parts always feel like they are leading you somewhere and don't slow the song down. And the rap by Euaerin may be my favorite thing ever in all of music.)
8: Rainbow - A (The definition of a bop. I love the way their voices contrast when switching singers, and how they compliment each other when singing together. Then the rap is sick af. Leading into an epic bridge and the part when they lead out of the bridge adding in a couple voices per line until the full group vocals hit is beyond cool.)
9: T-ara - Like the First Time (This song would be like my number 5 but I am not a huge fan of Eunjung's rap part. I think they should have just left that part out. Everything else about the song is perfection.)
10: Taeyeon - Stress (Taeyeon kills this song. I'm not even sure this is a K-Pop song because it is more like a rock style track imo. The part before the chorus probably is what secures this song at such high placement. It just makes for a really powerful and effective switch into the actual chorus. This song just rocks from head to toe, and shows off Taeyeon's vocals in a much more interesting way than a ballad does imo)
11: f(x) - Rude Love (This song has a really good chorus, but for me the rest of the song is far better. The parts between chorus inspire me and bring up my spirit. Therefore the only thing holding back the song is a part that is still really good. If it matched the level of the other parts would probably be my number 3 honestly.)
12: T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You (I go crazy whenever I hear this song come on. I go crazy with joy. Potentially my favorite backing track in any song. The beat is superb from start to finish. Literally the first second of this song sets the mood and does so so well. Paired with T-ara makes for on hella of a song.)
13: SNSD - Run Devil Run (Badass Girls' Generation and I love it. The parts in the chorus where Tae, Jess, or Seo is able to bring out their vocals is wicked. Plus a bridge that I absolutely love for some reason, I don't even know why exactly. Then a fantastic rest of the song to back it all up.)
14:Taeyeon - Why (Taeyeon's vocals work so well with this song I am still amazed. It's like her voice was meant for this song. And I love that one weird electronic sound, I don't even know what it is but I like it.)
15: Girl's Day - Female President (I didn't like this song when I first heard it. Obviously that has changed. Another example of a super unique song that I've fallen in love with. Girl's Day vocals are on point and elevate this song to top-tier level.)

Congrats, you made it to the end. Hopefully you enjoyed my list and hopefully you learned about a new song that you can enjoy.
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I'm just going to preface this with the fact that I am totally girl group biased and also very Twice biased. If I wasn't just doing title songs, there would be a lot more to choose from that would make this so much harder.

1. Twice - Like Ooh Ahh (This song is what got me into K-Pop and is why I love Twice so much. Everytime I listen to this song or watch the MV, I get so pumped up and filled with happiness and excitement.)
2. Twice - Cheer Up
3.  SNSD - I Got a Boy (First Girl's Generation song that I listened to and I love it
4. Twice - TT (Sorry for another Twice song, like I said before, Twice is my bias group. I love this song.)
5. Berry Good - Don't Believe (Everytime that I listen to this ong, it gives me the chills, I love this song and this group so much and I personally think that they are one of the most underrated groups.)
6. AoA - Like a Cat
7. 2ne1 - Ugly :'(
8. BlackPink - Playing With Fire
9. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake
10. 2ne1 - Gotta Be You :'(
11. BlackPink - Whistle
12. 4Minute - Crazy :'(
13. BlackPink - Stay
14. SNSD - Catch Me if You Can
15. Brave Girls - Deepened
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LOL I only just noticed this was a girl group post. My bad! :') Well let's see then.

1. Pocket Girls - Bbang Bbang
2. Orange Caramel - My Copycat
3. Orange Caramel - Catallena
4.  RUI - Exciting
5. Sistar - Shake It
6. AOA - Heart Attack
7. Badkiz - Babomba
8. Brave Girls - High Heels
9. Lee Junghyun - V
10. Girls Generation - Catch Me If You Can
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Okay! This isn't in any particular order. [Image: heart.png] And I limited it to one song per group (otherwise I'd have too many SNSD songs)

1) Gee: Girls' Generation 
2) Glass Bead: GFriend 
3) NoNoNo: Apink
4) I'm Ill: Hello Venus
5) Touch: Anda
6) Every Night: EXID
7) Don't Believe: Berry Good
8) Find Me: Jun Hyo Seong
9) Closer: Oh My Girl
10) Crying: Stellar
11) Oh Ma Mind: MIXX
12) High Heels: Brave Girls
13) One More Day: Sistar
14) U: Various 
15) In the Night Sky: Afterschool RED
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