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recommendations movie

There's still no thread for movies, so let's do this!!!
The Face Reader! (2013)
[Image: TheFaceReader.png]
Heartwrenching, but with action Tongue Also Lee Jong Suk! The film focuses more on korean society and the conflict in the royal family than on the art of facereading. I really got the impression that even though the main plot should've been the royal family, the focus still stayed on the effect it produced on normal citizens.That's why I would recommend this to those who are curious about korean culture! ^^

Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)
[Image: Tae-Guk-Gi.jpg]
It's a really depressing and serious movie. I honestly cried like a baby after watching it. I recommend this to those who missed history class when WW 1&2 was taught. I think it accurately depicts what war is about and what the rapture of two nations really looks like. This is really helpful in my opinion for fans who want to know more about the situation between the North and South. (If somebody asks you if you want to go to North Korea just because you listen to Kpop show them this movie!)
200 pounds beauty (2006)
[Image: 200lbposters.jpg]

Finally something lighter Big Grin Romantic-comedy about plastic surgery! I think I said everything with this one sentence Smile I think I read someone's message about plastic surgery on this thread and reminded me of this film. It's more well-known...I guess. I heard a lot of  fans mention it on other sites. I only wish the ending of this film could be true for idols in real-life too. Sad
[Image: tumblr_ocqfzszJF21sodq3bo5_540.gif]
As I've mentioned before, Always
[Image: fullsizephoto192481.jpg]
(sorry it's such a big picture) I really like this movie. It's the story between a former fighter and a blind woman. The story is very heartwarming and sad at the same time. I really love this movie 

No Breathing (for sports lovers, or Seo In Guk, Lee Jong Suk and Yuri lovers)
[Image: fullsizephoto360422.jpg]
It's a story about swimmers and all that. Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk are swimming rivals, competing for the top spot (and Yuri). The movie is pretty lighthearted for the most part. 

The Thieves 
[Image: the-thieves-poster.jpg]
I don't remember much about this movie except that it was pretty badass and action packed. And hey, Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun join again Big Grin 

Miracle in Cell No. 7
[Image: Miracle_in_Cell_No._7_poster.jpg]
If you want to cry, this is your movie. It's about the relationship between father and daughter. It's heartwarming and sad and you just want some fuzzy blankets to go with it. 

The Werewolf Boy
[Image: 5970f827-69af-4d55-be95-5ebcd790c2c6.jpg]
OH. MY. GOD. You have to watch this movie. Song Joong Ki doesn't talk in the film, but he's fantastic. There were some funny and sad parts all throughout (just like any movie). The story is a girl with a breathing problem (I think) who moves out to the countryside for fresh air with her family. Then she meets Joongki and eventually learns that he's a werewolf. The family is too ignorant to figure that out XD But I totally suggest to watch this.
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[quote='Yuri' pid='1978' dateline='1471991786']
-I know this actor who is he? I saw him in a drama, okay in lots of dramas, but I don't know his name...I should google it, right? Tongue

No Breathing (for sports lovers, or Seo In Guk, Lee Jong Suk and Yuri lovers)
-I'm a Seo In guk and Yuri lover so this movie is for me Tongue

The Thieves 
-When did they make this movie? I want to see it Smile I should watch You who came from the stars first Smile)

Miracle in Cell No. 7
-NONONONONONONONONONONONO This is a total cry fest. My poor heart can't handle this Sad((((( (But it's a great film too Tongue)

The Werewolf Boy
-I saw the ending scene of this movie online, ....I wanted to adopt him honestly Tongue
Thank you for writing Tongue These all are excellent movies Smile
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I'm watching Tazza: The Hidden Card right now and it's actually a pretty bad one but if you wanna see T.O.P shirtless I recommend this lol.

[Image: fullsizephoto462582.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_lmrnq7DLvr1qi2adeo1_500.gif]
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(09-04-2016, 03:23 PM)Sydrinne Wrote: I'm watching Tazza: The Hidden Card right now and it's actually a pretty bad one but if you wanna see T.O.P shirtless I recommend this lol.

[Image: fullsizephoto462582.jpg]

I might check it out, but I got leaked photos from tumblr XD
[Image: tumblr_ocqfzszJF21sodq3bo5_540.gif]
(10-17-2016, 07:57 AM)Movies2Watch Wrote: THE THIEVES like a reeeaaal dark version of Ocean's 11... it was actually surprisingly better than even I thought it would be.

I missed the chance to watch the thieves with my friends, but i'll watch it this weekend if you recommend it ^^ I never heard of Ocean's 11 though.
[Image: tumblr_ocqfzszJF21sodq3bo5_540.gif]
I really enjoyed
whatcha wearin
a werewolf boy
wonderful radio

need to watch more kmovies as i usually watch kdramas instead 
if anyone has more recommendations post away! Big Grin
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Snowpiercer, an Korean/American Movie starring Korean and American A-List actors.

[Image: snowpiercer.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]

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I'm not someone who watched K-Dramas or K-Movies very often!
However, when I was flying back to Australia, I was able to watch a Korean-Chinese Rom-Com film called "My New Sassy Girl 2" which was released in 2016!
I remember crying at the ending of the movie because it just really hit my feelings! It's a really adorable movie and it's definitely worth trying to watch~
♡ My New Sassy Girl 2 ♡
Cha Taeh
yun and Victoria Song of f(x)
[Image: My_New_Sassy_Girl-p01.jpeg]
- Julie (@etherealtaeddy)
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