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Blackpink Bias
Now that Blackpink have officially debuted, I'm going to restart the poll from the old forum to see who everyone's bias is! I know there's already a Blackpink discussion, so this thread will only be for discussing biases.
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[color=#006666][font=verdana]I often see a lot of people that consider themselves multi-fandom. I personally don't know how they do it, as I can find it challanging keeping up with just the one group. So I guess my question is this, How many fandoms do you consider yourself a part of and if you are multifandom do you find it diffulcult keeping up? Or do you find yourself more invested in one group over the rest? Or maybe the better question is how invested you have to be in a group before you wo
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KPop Bias Game

It's nice to be back!!
Unfortunately all the threads got deleted and so did my game
Oh! Btw... in the old Forum I was zanarkandxabes!
As you may or may not remember, I posted a Kpop Bias game which seemed like many People enjoyed. So why not posting it again and get to know each other better? ^-^

1. Fan?
2. How long have I been a fan?
3. My first bias?
4. My current bias?
5. My bias wrecker?
6. Member with the cutest smile?
7. Most handsome/beautiful member?
8. First song?
9. Favourite
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Does your ultimate bias/bias group change?
I've been wondering, when you choose your ultimate bias and bias group, do you stick with them, or do they change over time? For me, it's always been 2NE1 as my bias group and Minzy as my ultimate bias. They were the first group I listened to and I've loved them right from the start, and it'll be very hard for any group to take their place in my heart. But I don't know if that's what most people are like, or if most people find new bias groups over time.